1.2 Classification and legend. 1.4 A priori and a posteriori systems. The National Land Cover Database (NLCD) serves as the 1.3 Hierarchical versus non-hierarchical systems. This update to the Alaska National Land Cover Database (NLCD) 2016 replaces the files dated 20200213. Global Land Cover 2000 - Legend. https://www.usgs.gov/centers/eros/science/national-land-cover-database NLCD (the National Land Cover Database) is a 30-m Landsat-based land cover database spanning 8 epochs (1992, 2001, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2011, 2013 and 2016). In this update the landcover footprint was extended along the northern coast to include the islands that were missed in previous versions, and several duplicate roads (offset by 1 or 2 pixels) were removed on the Aleutian Islands. These products provide spatially explicit and reliable information on the Nation’s land cover and land cover change. Global Land Cover 2000. 1992 data are primarily based on unsupervised classification of Landsat data, while the rest of the images rely on the imperviousness data layer for the urban classes and on a decision-tree classification for the rest. 1.1 Land cover. 1. INTRODUCTION. NLCD 2006 is the most recent 30-meter, seamless, wall-to-wall land cover database for the conterminous United States. Global Land Cover 2000 Products Publications GLC2000 Legend LCCS. Database (NLCD) land cover layer is one of several primary and supplementary layers in NLCD 2006. The National Land Cover . 2. It maps homogeneous landscape patterns, i.e. A LAND USE AND LAND COVER CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM FOR USE WITH REMOTE SENSOR DATA By JAMEs R. ANDERSON, ERNEST E. HARDY, JoHN T. RoAcH, and RICHARD E. WITMER ABSTRACT The framework of a national land use and land cover classification system is presented for use with remote sensor data. Global land cover data. The National Land Cover Database. DEFINITIONS . Land Cover or Land Use data describes the artificial or naturally-occurring land features at a particular location, assigning one of a discrete set of classifications to each point. more than 75% of the pattern has the characteristics of a given class from the nomenclature. The GLC2000 project uses the FAO Land Cover Classification System (LCCS). PART A - Land Cover Classification System: A Dichotomous, Modular-Hierarchical Approach Classification Concepts. Within the U.S., SoftWright has provided NLCD data since 2012, starting with NLCD 2006 then NLCD 2011 and now the just-released NLCD 2016. For more information about NLCD 92 and its successor, NLCD 2001, visit the Multi-Resolution Land Characteristics Consortium. The CORINE Land Cover is a vector map with a scale of 1:100 000, a minimum cartographic unit (MCU) of 25 ha and a geometric accuracy better than 100m. The conceptual basis. the national land cover data ase is the nation’s authoritative land cover database. Home / AERMET / Mapping Land Use / Land Cover Codes from NLCD1992 to NLCD2011 19 Sep 2018 If you do chose to use land use data from the USGS that is more recent than 1992 (NLCD for 2001, 2006, 2011, and 2016), be aware that the classification schema for the newer data is … Figure 1. nlcd 2016 was delivered earlier this year, tracking u.s. land cover change for 15 years, from 2001-2016. the database consists of many separate land cover products, with 19 of the products shown here The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), in partnership with several federal agencies, has developed and released four National Land Cover Database (NLCD) products over the past two decades: NLCD 1992, 2001, 2006, and 2011.

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