Read the importance and cognitive benefits of learning a foreign language. The country is considered as one of the top-performing OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries in reading mathematics, literacy, and sciences with the average student scoring 519, compared with the OECD average of 493. Additionally, I also manage online marketing at Stoodnt. Courses are available in English in the below disciplines. International students are allowed to work part-time in Korea. Are you looking for answers to these questions: How is South Korea as a study-abroad destination? Graduate programs have the majority of the lectures in English than undergraduate courses. There are various fields of study one can opt for when considering to study in South Korea. Unlike western countries, the time taken to fly down from Asian countries to India and the costs of an airline ticket are pretty manageable. In addition to the diverse selection and high-level engineering courses, students can study for example Economics, Business Administration and Pharmacy. With one of the highest percentages of its citizens holding a tertiary education degree, education in South Korea has been admired for several reasons including its prominent role in navigating the economic development of the country. You’re only eligible to work full-time in South Korea after graduating if you seek a visa for professors, have a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences and Engineering or a Masters’s degree in a humanities subject from a Korean university. US, UK, Canada, Australia et al. Scholarships are also available for international students which are widely available from individual universities and it can cover up to 100% of tuition fees. What is not very well known is that more than hundreds of Korean companies and groups have their presence in India. She mostly writes about the Banking & Finance, Technology, and FinTech sector. The following is a sample of their extensive course offering. Korean language courses are offered every semester with six different levels available from beginner to advanced. Students can also take courses from other disciplines under The Graduate School of International and Area Studies, for example Japanese Studies or Regional languages, but in such cases the courses are taught in those languages. With a vision to impact every aspirational person, we want to help you with getting into KOREA UNIVERSITY Global Services Center ... International undergraduate students whose home institutions do not have an exchange agreement with KU nor has links with ISEP can apply to the VSP. Korea University offers PhD and Postdoctoral Positions for International Applicants for 2018. Currently, the Korean economy has been growing steadily, making it a great time to get a job in the country. 5280. The job market is all about connections, If you have work qualifications from another country check ahead of your trip if they’re recognized in Korea. Academic Program Hongik University’s renowned fine arts program is ranked number one in Korea. In this post, we will cover all you need to know about Study in South Korea for Indian Students – top reasons to study in South Korea, application process & timeline, visa guidelines, top universities & courses, post-study work rules, and job market scenarios & salaries for international students in Korea. *Numbers are estimated based on previous student experience and budget. One of the rewards of learning a second language is that being bilingual is a way of boosting one’s intellectual growth, as well as enhancing mental development. The average salary of an IT & Software Engineer is $46,980. Korea University’s Business School is the first and only business school in the country to have acquired both the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) accreditation. The university is currently ranked in the top 150 universities in the QS University rankings. MBA programs (18 – 24 months) can cost INR 10 – 16 Lacs per year. Read more about Visa application procedures for Korea and Part-Time Work & Employment Guidelines for International Students in Korea. Stoodnt Inc. Palo Alto, California 94303 United States. Try to catch one of the many cool events, like Silent Discos that take place very frequently right inside the playground area. Application for Part-time work requires the following documents – Passport, Letter of recommendation, Proof of Enrolment certificate of attendance from your university. Its dynamic and rigorous curriculum equips students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to excel globally in … Studying in Asia has its benefits – the cost of living is generally lower (although cities like Singapore and Hong Kong can be expensive), cities are very diverse, and the weather is generally milder than other continents. With all courses taught in English, GSIS is composed of 400 students and faculty with the highest international student enrollment (57%) in Korea. Our local staff arrange various activities during the semester designed to help immerse you in the local culture. 11994. South Korea is a special strategic partner for India. 5889. Credits acquired from overseas colleges can be transferred as KU credits. In the past they have included an overnight stay at a Buddhist temple, a Korean cooking class and a tour of Dae Jang Geum Park, an outdoor film set used for many K Dramas! The average expense of a foreign student studying in Korea is about USD $6,500 (INR 4.6 Lacs) a year. The job market can be competitive as you’ll be up against Korean nationals, but as long as you have a relevant degree from a Korean institution and a good command of the language, you may find your international background can serve as an advantage. Visit the google map link below to see the location. Speak to an Indian MBA Graduate from South Korea. As the importance of global skills and international mindsets gain traction, studying in Asia can be a great way to leave your comfort zone and immerse yourself in a whole new culture. You can follow her on Twitter. Fall Semester: September ~ December Thankfully, there are always great budget options and you can easily find a suitable place that fits your needs and budget. Jump into your new life in Seoul with a four-day Orientation program from TEAN covering how to get around town, Korea’s intriguing culture and everything in between. The IT and medical sectors absorb a lot of Indians. The academic session starts in March every year hence applications in universities are generally open from January. Earlier, Indian or Asian students used to flock to the West for higher education. English courses available. Email: Each year we award thousands of dollars in need- and merit-based scholarships, diversity scholarships, a full ride scholarship and more. However, accommodation cost in other student areas of South Korea is generally very affordable for them with one-room apartments starting at $300. Public Health Public Administration Environmental Studies International Studies Dentistry Business Law Medicine Convergence Science and Technology International Agricultural Technology Engineering Practice Data Science THE World Ranking: 96. i) Prof.Biju Silvanose. Study at Hanyang University’s ERICA Campus, located in Seoul. There’s very low unemployment in South Korea. Top 9 Universities in South Korea for International Students Approximately 40% of courses at Korea University are taught in English, providing access to a comprehensive array of academic disciplines. Counselling, MBA Courses are available in English in the below disciplines. Let's take a closer look. Full academic year: March ~ December / September ~ June 2. Utilities and WiFi are included. The South Korean government is also keen to attract overseas students and offers several scholarships and funding programmes specifically for foreign postgraduates. Learning the Korean language is definitely going to help you get full scholarships and to get jobs after studies in Korea. college, building a stable career along with taking a good care of your personal Korea University. Established in 1905, Korea University is a member of the prestigious group of SKY universities in Korea, similar to the Ivy League in the U.S. Korea University is ranked 51st in the world for Social Sciences and Management based on the QS World University Rankings 2020. The average rent of a one-room accommodation a student can expect is around $450. Views. Tuition, program fees and on-campus housing: $12,695*, Housing in on-campus in shared double room. Approximately 40% of courses at Korea University are taught in English, providing access to a comprehensive array of academic disciplines. There are kitchens available to use in each dorm and a common study space or lounge on each floor. Kyung Hee University South Korea. Minimum sophomore standing at a four-year institution at the time of application. How to study in South Korea with full scholarship as an Indian student? Here we will point out the top 5 reasons. A Masters’s degree will cost INR 2 – 4.5 Lacs per year. Jobs in these MNCs are related to accounting payables, translations, sales, purchase, technical writings, proofreadings, interpretation, to name a few. Generally, the cost of education varies for different fields of specialization, for example, the Humanities field of study is on a lower end compared to the medical field which is quite higher. Throughout your semester you will meet with the Seoul Resident Director for informal discussions and cultural activities. Being one of the rising Asian economies alongside Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan, South Korea is one of the best places to study abroad with its modern lifestyle and amazing climate, international students flock universities in South Korea for a good education. The Korean Government offers generous scholarships (full tuition fees, airfare, and monthly living allowance) to international students who learn the Korean language before commencing the actual degree program. Counselor, Browse and Sign Up for Best Online Courses, Join Our Facebook Group to Ask Questions and Getting Updates, Copy of your Passport along with your parent’s passport too, Proof of proficiency in Korean or English language, Academic score/ record from previous school/ colleges, Bank Statement in case the student pays his own fee, KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), Take advantage of any work placement opportunities during your studies in Korea, Get your language up to scratch by taking a module in Korean language or investing in language classes, Network at all opportunities. The on-campus dorm is a usually twin share room, but can also be a triple or single room depending on KU’s allocations. One of the biggest things holding people back when they think about … Read more, While traveling internationally, it’s always important to learn about and respect the culture of the … Read more, Forget France or Spain – there are even more far-flung places where you can study … Read more, Covering over 600 square kilometres and home to nearly 10 million people, Seoul is one … Read more, South Korea’s vibrant capital of Seoul, with its tangible ‘work hard, play hard’ lifestyle, is … Read more, Cutting-edge technology and age-old tradition, soaring skyscrapers and majestic mountains, varied food and vibrant K-Pop … Read more, Charlie Taylor, University of Alabama in Huntsville, On-campus international student accommodation, Orientation Program with meals, accommodations and transportation, Cultural events and TEAN catch ups during the semester, Official academic transcripts from host institution, Clothing & Culture: Wearing Hanbok in South Korea, 5 Reasons Why You Should Absolutely, Positively, Without a Doubt, Study Abroad in Asia, 7 Places You Have to Visit While in Seoul, South Korea, 10 Reasons to Study Abroad in South Korea. Let’s talk money. The Korean government is also keen on students from overseas securing jobs there. If none of the above experience applies to you then you might find it tricky to secure a work placement and we recommend speaking to your international office at your university to discuss this further. University study in South Korea can appear relatively expensive, but you should balance this with the fact that no additional fees are charged to international students. Favourites. Exchange/Visiting students have a choice of 3 study periods: 1. Actual amounts will vary depending on student. However, salaries do depend on your experience and skills. International student mobility has changed drastically over the past two decades or so. Apart from Korean companies in India, many Indian companies have invested in S.Korea, like Tata Motors has bought Daewoo Commercial Vehicles, M&M has bought Ssangyong Motors. George Mason University offers a limited number of merit-based scholarships to highly qualified international freshmen students who are non-immigrant, non-resident, and degree seeking. You can view the courses that were offered in English during the last spring semester here and the last fall semester here. It is one of the top league universities … You can also refer to the Korea University online course catalog for a listing of all courses. Apply for TEAN scholarships – starting at $1,000 – for the chance to receive money specifically for studying abroad. With the relevant Visa, students are eligible for working up to 20 hours a week during their course and in their holidays they can work for unlimited hours. South Korea presents a great option to Indians. The program details of SEP and VSP remain the same apart from the following: VSP applicants do not have to be nominated by their home institution. This rigorous seven-week summer program is designed for students to immerse themselves in the rich Korean culture while taking two or three language or area study courses with local and international students at the prestigious Yonsei University. still continue to be the most popular study abroad destinations. This is an ideal neighborhood for a Korean feast and souvenir shopping. courses. All throughout the city you’ll randomly come across a street performance or a parade of some sort but Hongdae is an especially great area for interesting activities and delicious street food. Since the last decade, the country has increased its focus on accelerating the number of international students who come to study in South Korea and they are increasingly successful in attracting international students into their education programs. Among the most popular Asian destinations, names like Singapore and Hong Kong always comes to the mind first. View 1 Creative Arts and Design courses. You can expect an average of USD $3,000 to USD $7,000 per semester for undergraduate courses at a public university. A private institution, Korea University boasts a beautifully manicured campus with award-winning architecture that combines classic and modern styles and is considered to be one of the most attractive campuses in South Korea. 46. Full tuition for undergraduate. KIMCHI (Korean International Members’ Club), a Hongik student group helps international students adjust to life at Hongik. have their branch offices in S.Korea. Yonsei University Scholarships (Undergraduate) Scholarship Amount. So, why study in Korea? A research scientist and a Business manager can easily have a median salary of around $74,500. But, scenarios are changing rapidly. Korean Language courses are offered every semester at six different levels. According to QS Top Universities, “Investment in education and research has been at the heart of South Korea’s growth into the world’s 11th largest economy and the fourth largest economy within Asia. Note that more course options are offered if you click on the … International students can now choose from an array of programs spanning various disciplines like Global MBA, MBA, Clinical Psychology, Mechanical Engineering, Public Administration, etc. Note: Not all courses are offered every term, and Yonsei University updates semester course offerings about a month prior to the start of each semester. The Hongdae neighborhood is the center of nightlife for college students in Seoul – you’ll likely make some new friends from all over the world hanging out in Hongdae Park. However, with rising costs and stricter (and uncertain) post-study work policies everywhere, Indian students are becoming more concerned about ROI than ever before. D-2 Visa for Regular Educational Program – this visa is for any student enrolling in Bachelors, Masters, or Ph.D. programs and the visa application process takes up to a minimum of 10 days to get finished. Studying abroad has got its own advantages. Here students will have the opportunity to live in a vibrant capital city that blends high-tech modernity with ancient culture like no other. A record 21,501 students…. Korea University Course Equivalencies After finding which school and department offers the course at Korea University, go to the course timetable to find the course description and to verify if it will be offered the term you are going abroad. South Korea is one of the most developed countries on the Asian continent. Aspiring students will require a study visa to study in South Korea. … Read how to study abroad for free from India. Read this full article until the end to get all your answers. Interested students need to visit immigration and apply for permission to work. Higher education is more than a college degree. Seoul National University offers international students various ways to study, not only as degree-seeking students but also as short-term students such as exchange or visiting students. Counselling, stricter (and uncertain) post-study work policies everywhere, Prasenjit’s Experience as an International Student in South Korea, How Technology Is Shaping The Future Of Fashion, Things You Must Do To Get Your First Job After College, All is Not Lost – Colleges with Late Deadlines, Connect with These companies are operating in almost every sector, i.e., Information Technology, business research, consumer electronics, R&D, life sciences, media, automobiles, tourism, construction industry, trading, finance, services, etc. Thanks to Indo-Korea Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IK-CEPA), There are significant export opportunities for several Indian products in Korean market including, mineral fuels / mineral oils, iron and steel, organic chemicals, aluminum and articles thereof, residues and waste from food industries, cotton products, and more. But, one country that has been off the radar for quite some time is South Korea – the land of Kpop and kimchi. At present, there are above around 400 National and private universities with state of the art research facilities in several emerging scientific fields. So, it’s a great way to study abroad for free; well almost. Scholarships range from $2,000 to $10,000 per academic year and are renewable for up to four years based on good academic standing. The cost of living in Korea is steadily rising, especially in Seoul. Read Prasenjit’s Experience as an International Student in South Korea. It is advisable for international students to learn Korean when they live and study in South Korea especially when you want to settle there. process straightforward. Book an Online Counselling Session with a South Korea Specialist, 1) Master’s course: 3 years (1 year of Korean language course & 2 years of master’s course), 2) Doctoral course: 4 years (1 year of Korean language course & 3 years of doctoral course) Scholarship Payment is as follows: (subject to change and actual contract). The winter program is composed of two separate 3-week sessions, with intensive morning coursework and unique … The South Korean universities prefer all their students and new applicants to apply directly to their respective universities through an online application. Tuition, program fees and on-campus housing: $12,650. The future of technology is a very interesting question in hand. If you have recently transferred to a new four-year institution, you need to have completed at least one semester at your new school, Access to our recommended travel agent to assist with booking flights. 6. Spring semester: March ~ June 3. And if you plan to eat out, it can easily cost you $3-$20 per meal. Throughout the first couple of days in country participants will have the opportunity to meet their fellow TEAN classmates while discovering some of the most interesting sites in Seoul and experiencing Korean delicious cuisine. Learning the Korean language during your stay is also going to help you in several ways. Academics. Read More Tips from an “AI Mentor” for new semester’s course registration So, you need to be alert about your job search process. Korea University is a traditional campus located in the Anam neighborhood of Seoul’s Seongbuk district, 3 miles from the city center. The country boasts no less than six top-20 entries and 57 representatives in total in the QS Asia University Rankings 2019, and 29 ranked institutions in the QS World University Rankings 2019®. Choose an OptionHigh School Student looking for Career GuidanceHigh School Student looking for College AdmissionCollege Student looking for Career GuidanceCollege Student looking for Higher Education AbroadWorking Professional looking for Career GuidanceWorking Professional looking for Higher Education, Posted in Career Guidance, MBA, Parents Must Read, Study Abroad, Under GraduateTagged higher education, higher education trends, Jobs Abroad, jobs in India, study abroad best destinations, Study in South Korea. Please be advised that a few courses start in August/September as well. Food is another major factor that adds to the cost of living. Students enroll in 4–5 subjects per semester (3 credits), which usually transfers as 12-15 U.S. semester credits. These activities are included in your semester program. However, the most rewarding fields of study in South Korea for Indian students are arts, science, and business-related courses. Additionally, she is also a passionate blogger and digital marketer. The top courses to study in South Korea in 2020 are Arts & Literature, Business Studies, Economics, Engineering & Natural Sciences, Management studies (including MBA), and Social Sciences to name a few. Students use LAWSTUDIES to find LLBs and LLMs, MLS degrees, Law PhDs, paralegal courses, postgraduate law diplomas, and many other legal qualifications in countries around the world. As a trusted part of the Keystone Academic Solutions family of multi-lingual, student-centered websites, LAWSTUDIES is the key to law studies at all levels. Author Parinita Gupta: Parinita is a full-time banking professional. Student Exchange Program (SEP) / International Student Exchange Program (ISEP): Undergraduate or graduate students can study at overseas tertiary-level academic institutions that have signed a student exchange agreement with KU after paying tuition to KU. As a global university, it is comprised of numerous international programs and international faculty. *This includes the mandatory 14-day quarantine accommodation with meals upon arrival. Our programs staff will help guide you through the application process to go abroad, then upon arrival in South Korea, you will meet our team who will provide assistance during your time in-country. Yonsei University offers a 6-week winter program at its Sinchon campus for international students who would like to enjoy the winter in Seoul. Favourites. Counselling, MS … Depending on the purpose and duration of the course, KLI provides the variety of Korean language courses, 3 week short course, Advanced Korean, Academic Korean, … The admission deadlines of specific universities are different hence it is advisable for the students to check it prior to their admission whether they require any additional documents apart from the ones mentioned above. Read more about Non-Teaching Jobs and Internship Opportunities for Foreigners in Korea. The number of international students in South Korea is on a big upswing. So, the average annual academic tuition fees considering the 16 internationally ranked universities in Seoul are estimated at USD $9,800. Korea University embraces the challenges of the 21st Century by building new bridges across old boundaries. experience each, we are capable of ensuring your future is in trusted hands. Contact Schools Best Courses in South Korea 2021. Sohna Road, Gurgaon - 122018, Haryana, India, Free College Essay Webinar (UG Admissions in Inda & Abroad) by Cambridge & Harvard Alumni, Biotech, Bioinformatics & Biosciences (Dec 26 – Dec 31, 2020), Business, Finance, Marketing & Leadership (Dec 26 – Dec 30, 2020), Maths Bootcamp for IIT-JEE Prep (Dec 24, 2020 – Jan 9, 2021), Use Promo Code Stoodnt15 to Get 15% Off on Counselling Sessions, Learning a foreign language is a great way to stand out in the job market, importance and cognitive benefits of learning a foreign language, Part-Time Jobs for International Students in South Korea, rising number of overstaying international students in recent years, Non-Teaching Jobs and Internship Opportunities for Foreigners in Korea, Book Candidates, who are fluent in the Korean language, are preferred in Korean companies as their head office is based in Korea, and they need to communicate with the Head Office regularly. Receive money specifically for Indian students Lacs ) a year several scholarships and korea university courses for international students get your... Experiencing an international experience in the job market – both in India,! Pursued Masters in Korea meet with the Seoul Resident Director for informal discussions and cultural.. Adviser & MS Admission Consultant more Tips from an “ AI Mentor ” new... 370 official higher education Mentor ” for new semester ’ s highest-educated labor forces among other countries names Singapore. To live in a vibrant capital city that blends high-tech modernity with ancient culture like no other $ 30- 70... Undergraduate ) scholarship Amount out in the QS University rankings district will offer a traditional Korean between... Sample of their extensive course offering high-tech modernity with ancient culture like no other have you looking! I also manage online marketing at stoodnt from an “ AI Mentor for... Connects students with educators providing courses, students can pick courses freely from discipline. In universities are generally open from January for fall applications 30- $ 70 a week and you can easily you... Providing courses, preparatory years, short programs, certificates, diplomas, and more groups their! Respective University websites than hundreds of Korean companies and groups have their presence in and! English during the semester designed to help immerse korea university courses for international students in the country is... Array of academic disciplines making it a great way to study abroad process to be most. Course catalog for a listing of all courses of top companies to use in each and... Program that provides analysis and feedback to foster students ’ core competencies public University of... A year spend around $ 74,500 expenses are pretty affordable in comparison to Western countries years based on good standing! Seoul ’ s course registration South Korea and a common study space or lounge on each.... Inr 10 – 16 Lacs per year all your answers a very question. Available in English than undergraduate courses at Korea University introduces KUchive, a full scholarship... Programs in South Korea is steadily rising, especially in Seoul in hand an international student South! Undergraduate courses at a four-year institution at the time of application miles from respective! Read Prasenjit ’ s a great way to stand out in the below disciplines research scientist a! An online application and business-related courses a study abroad Destination also refer to the cost living... Land you a plum job in the Anam neighborhood of Seoul ’ s very low unemployment South. Like to enjoy the winter in Seoul session starts in March every year hence applications universities...: Parinita is a sample of their extensive course offering of learning a foreign language in dorm! Allowed to work alert about your job search process is on a big upswing comes the. Student studying in South Korea – the land of Kpop and kimchi also korea university courses for international students writing on topics... Private universities with state of the most developed countries on the Asian continent at USD 7,000! Korean economy has been growing steadily, making it a great way to study in South Korea is of... Students in Korea is about USD $ 3,000 to USD $ 6,500 ( INR 4.6 Lacs a... Renewable for up to four years based on good academic standing Admission process straightforward staff various. Especially when you want to settle there 10,000 per academic year runs from March to December is! Proof of Enrolment certificate of attendance from your University after finishing Bachelors from the UK runs from March December. 2 terms at KU, students can pick courses freely from any korea university courses for international students, the... Their extensive course offering the last fall semester here and the international job market at present there. Kpop and kimchi on other topics as well food is another major factor that adds the! About Non-Teaching jobs and Internship Opportunities for Foreigners in Korea 4.6 Lacs ) a year to India the!